Flight From Shadow (WHEEL OF TIME fan film)

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The WHEEL OF TIME fan movie “Flight From Shadow” chronicles the events in the “Four Kings in Shadow” chapter from The Eye of the World, the first book of Robert Jordan’s bestselling series. After narrowly escaping an ambush in the town of Whitebridge and walking for days on the Caemlyn Road, Rand al’Thor (Nicholas Whitaker) and his companion Matrim Cauthon (Bryan Dayley) seek rest and shelter in the village of Four Kings. They bargain for a night’s room and board with, Saml Hake (Danny James), the innkeeper of the Dancing Cart Man not knowing he is in league with there enemies. Deceived by Hake and his henchmen, Jak (James C. Morris) and Strom (Ulfric Silverwolf), they find themselves held captive in a storeroom and are only able to escape when Rand uses the one Power to pull lightning which hits the inn; opening a hole in the wall.



  • Producer/Director: David A. Skousen
  • Producer/Screenwriter(adaptation): Blake Casselman
  • Executive Producer/Production Designer: Hraefn Wulfson
  • Producer: Sae Sae Norris
  • Music: Nathaniel Drew
  • Dierector of Photography: Jason Ball
  • Co-Producer/Costume Designer: Jennifer McGrew


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