Force Push

Posted In Web Series

Leila and her friends are determined to get Force powers, by any means necessary. This group of gamer geeks tries various don’t-try-this-at-home methods, including chemical accidents, dangerous obstacles, and those are just the good ideas!

Join our crew as they use their extensive knowledge of all things nerd to make their dreams come true!



  • Writer: Jacqueline Steiger
  • Director: Maximilian Weiland
  • Director of Photography: Shawn McGee
  • Editor: Evan Sakamoto
  • Sound Mixing: Nathan Shields
  • Composer: Shane Prather
  • Leila: Jacqueline Steiger (cast)
  • Shane: Justus Zimmerman (cast)
  • Dan: Alex Ho (cast)
  • Carolyn: Kendall Mayhiew
  • Malcolm: Connor McCabe


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