Frakkin Frocks

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I custom paint shoes and custom make clothing and costumes for the fangirl and fanboy in all of us.

I started this a couple years ago, because I felt not enough people were providing me with items that would suit my personality or body type while still showing off my love for certain fandoms. My loss is our gain because I started making custom clothing items.

I strive to make each and everyone of my pieces suited to your personal wants and needs as well as very high quality. Everyone is so different that their clothing should represent that. Working closely with the client is something I really enjoy doing. Both our personalities are then combined to create something wonderful.

I really believe people should stay true to their style and who they are while still being able to showcase their love for various things.
That’s why I do what I do.
You like kittens and comic books and only like to wear blazers? Let’s do something with it!


  • Creator: Camille Falciola


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