Frontier porcelain creations by Eszter Imre

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Most probably porcelain is the last thing that comes to your mind when discussing geeky things. I somewhat agree, but my aim in my over-all work is a lot about going where no one has gone before.

My name is Eszter Imre, I am a designer and ceramic artist living and working in Sweden. I had a quite average childhood without any sort of addiction or hobbies connected to video games, sci-fi, anime and all of the sort. I played with Legos, ran on the hill-side, and built sand castles. Then I started my career, moved to Sweden and met The One. He happened to be a proper geek and a stormtrooper (in the 501st Legion). Needless to say, everything changed…

Today my biggest addiction is Doctor Who. The first really geeky thing I made was the porcelain coffee cups inspired by the Daleks. Then came the cups for the Empire and who knows what is to come.

In these projects my aim was not to create objects that looks exactly like the inspirational source, but to use the inspiration as a touch of detail and give it a function. Like a secret code where the ones who understand the reference will recognise this detail and for them it makes perfect sense.

I have worked with ceramics for over 15 years by now and I have a great passion to my profession. I create all sort of functional objects and unique art pieces from porcelain, I stretch and push the limits of the material and myself from day to day to keep my life interesting.

I mainly work with slip-casting in porcelain, and I design function and user experience rather than shapes. Porcelain is a very fine and durable material that can take on any shape imaginable, of course, in the right hands. I have trained myself for many years to be able to reach the perfection I am striving for and there is still a long, long way to go.

This new interest of mine with the Sci-fi world really gives me a whole new angle of creation, and new challenges to take on. The user experience in this case is very specific and satisfies a very special group of people. What you see here in my portfolio are my first steps into a larger and new exciting world. Allons-Y!


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