Gabriel: The Bloody Edition


El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. Two sister cities that depend on each other now tremble in fear. The young women of Juarez are disappearing. Some are discovered brutally raped and murdered. Others are forever lost. Both sides are asking one question: Who is doing this? Meet Gabriel de la Cruz.

Gabriel is based on the femicides that have been occurring in Juarez, Mexico, since the 1990’s. Given that the story was influenced by actual crimes, photo manipulated art was used to tell the story and give it a realistic feel. Gabriel was converted into The Bloody Edition, which contains new dialogue, lettering, pages, and a pinup gallery. Johnny Segura’s red colors contribute to a better horror effect and highlight the bloody scenes.

GABRIEL received a prestigious grant from the Xeric Foundation (2007). Originally released as a black and white comic book in 2008.



  • Creator / Writer / Artist: Jaime “Jimmy” Portillo
  • Colorist: Johnny Segura


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