Game Of Scones


GAME OF SCONES is a hilarious parody based on the characters of the HBO hit TV Series Game of Thrones. See funny spoofs of the medieval families in the world of corporate America today and some inside jokes on the show itself.

What if the Game of Thrones families lived in today’s world?! – A tale of power, pain and PASTRIES… A parody film for Game of Thrones FANS!

Game of Scones the Parody Movie in 5 Episodes


  • Director: Louis Allen
  • Writer: Louis Allen
  • Producers: Yvonne Sayers & Lora Bofill
  • Associate producer: Ana Trinidad
  • Executive producers: Patrick Siegmann, Louis Allen, Yvonne Sayers, Lora Bofill
  • Director of photography: Colin McDonald
  • Editors: Louis Allen, Josh Quillin, Bruce Cooper
  • Production design: Yvonne Sayers
  • Art direction: Katharine Gibson Stickevers
  • Makeup department: Makeup artist-Ying Calvert; Key hair stylist / makeup artist-Loralee Simpson; Makeup supervisor-Denise Van Arsdale-West
  • Art department: Set dressing supervisor-Yvonne Sayers; Set dresser-Anna Saunders
  • Sound department: Sound designer: Logan Byers; Supervising sound editor-Josh Quillin; Sound mixer-Katie Quillin, Caleb Tourres; Boom operator-Kevin Tindell
  • Camera & electrical department: First assistant camera – Jaci Acebo, Allyson Laquian; Key grip -Patrick Siegmann; Gaffer- Ryan Summersett, Dave Cortez, Harrison Hudson; Still photographer-Leo Sopicki; Still photographer second unit-Patrick Siegmann
  • Costume department: Wardrobe supervisor – Sylvie Obledo
  • Casting department: Louis Allen, Lora Bofill, Ana Trinidad
  • Music department: Writers-Louis Allen, Toby Andersen, Scott Chesak, Tully Macintyre, Michael Parnin, Robin Sharp, Jessie Gold; Performers-Coax, Efelbed, Jessie Gold
  • Other crew: Production assistant: Alexandra Surer, Brinn Van Denburg, Jay Lindsay, Carly Berke, Ken Berke; Script supervisor-Lora Bofill
  • Cast: Joffrey Bardashian-Erik House; Cersei Bardashian-Angela Stern; Jamie Lame-ister-Scott Victor Nelson; Tyrion Lame-ister-Caleb Tourres; Tywin Lame-ister-John Pyrkis; Jason Matthews … Peter “Tinyfinger” Baebitch-Jason Matthews; Lord Various-Bert Rotundo; Grand Master Flash Pie-cell-William Knight; Shae’s Rebellion-Aryanne Padilha; Hot chick #1-Caroline Cerrelli; Hot chick #2-Aryiel Hartman
  • Ned Snark-Darrel Cherney; Caitlin Snark-Dalit Berkowitz; Rob Snark-Jeffrey Adler; Sanza Snark-Jayme Foremaster; Bran Snark-Sloane Morgan Siegel; Arya Snark-Anna Christina; Theon “Sixty Shades of GreyJoy”-Nick Eversman; Margarey T-rell-Ariel Lazarus; Osha Wildhair-Nicole Millar; Walder Fry-Harold Cannon; Walder Fry girl #1-Hannah Kaiser; Walder Fry girl #2-Nina Brissey; Iron Scone security dudes – Jay Lindsay, Tyler Meredith, Nate Berger, Luke Pascal; Office worker Anna – Loralee Simpson; Office worker Judi-Teri Pluma;
  • Daenerys Tarbarian-Betsy Landin; Viserys Tarbarian-Bram Barouh; Drogo Darth-Raki-Yassir Nadifi; Missy Andei-Ana Trinidad; Krazyness-Eddie Jauregui; The Night Watchman-Marshall Fox; Head of Security-Bill Ensley; Waymer Rolls Royce-Lucas Yancy; Young White Walker-Jordyne Visser; Head chef-Patrick Siegmann; Restaurant worker Maria-Sylvia Obledo; Sous chef #1-Fabio Texera; Sous chef #2-Michael Cienfuegos; Sous chef #3-Leo Sopicki; Knight-Louis AllenWhite walker-Anna Saunders; Walker-Jarard Kings


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