Gamerstable’s Openly Gamer Theatre: Tower of the Ape


Savage Worlds Conan role-play drama that melds elements of radio drama with tabletop role-playing. Set in the iconic Hyborian Age of Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria, Tower of the Ape tells the tale of an unlikely group of heroes that find out what it takes to save the world from horror and lunacy.

Savage Worlds Deluxe is the property of Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Conan is the property of Conan Properties International



  • Writer/Director: Eric Ausley
  • Editor/Role of Madhedai: Daniel Helderman
  • Role of Renyard Durand: Michael Bridges
  • Role of Loviisa Imeldsdatter: Shannon Steele
  • Role of Valacious: Mark Knapp
  • Role of Ronos: David Carr
  • Role of Odored Soractus: Jayson King
  • Role of Mofir: Shawn King


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