Geek Seekers

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Geek Seekers is a new web series with Jen Page and Monte Cook, investigating the paranormal, UFOs, and all sorts of weirdness, all the while acting like the geeks they truly are. Geek Seekers, geeking the truth! Description Who are Jen and Monte? An actor, a filmmaker, and a model, Jen has already cemented herself in the geek world. Her recent acting projects allowed her to become a rebellious alien, a crafty sorceress rogue and a vampire (twice). As a child, though, Jen dreamed of being even more than that. Jen’s wild imagination convinced her she could be a superhero when she grew up. Or perhaps a cowboy gypsy scientist ghost hunter. All her life people told her that she wasn’t being realistic, but she ignored them. Finally, she met someone that agreed with her. After talking to Monte, Jen realized that she could ghost hunt, fight Bigfoot, read palms and wear some kick ass goggles; all while talking geekery with her genre-appropriate co-host.


  • Creator/Host: Jen Page
  • Creator/Host: Monte Cook
  • Director: Max Holechek


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