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So you wanna know about Geeky U huh?

Well we’re a Geeky family business (yes everyone in our family is a geek, and we have Sunday Game of throne family night) in the city of Downey, just a few miles from LA. We started off a few years ago making just purses for geeky girls but now we make everything from purses to backpacks, dresses, aprons, beanies, t-shirts and more. If you’re an avid Disney attendee chances are you’ve probably seen a few people roaming the park with some of our items.

We’ve got a unique style to our madness.. I mean… I mean… designs! Every single one of our handmade items is uniquely handcrafted with our Geeky U signature stitch around the border of each design. Our bags and backpacks are all constructed from heavy duty upholstery material, a.k.a couch material so you know it will last you a verrryyy long time. Each item is delicately crafted to ensure quality and durability as well. But if you’re still not sold we offer warranty on all our items. If the item happens to rip or break, you can ship it back to us and we will fix it free of charge. (<— I could totally turn that bit into an infomercial huh?)

Our custom dresses are all made to order. To ensure quality and accurate fitting we make the dress to the customers specific measurements which means you don’t have to ask your Grammy to alter it for you, hooray! Our printed designs are brought to you by American Apparel T-shirts and sweaters. All of our T-shirts are printed in house and all of our designs are Geeky U’s original artwork.

A lot of people tend to ask where we get our inspiration from and how we manage to keep making fresh new designs. Well it’s actually pretty simple. A family of Geeks who watches Game of Thrones together, stays together. We spend an abundant amount of time together getting inspiration from one another, asking each other what works best and what doesn’t as well as taking the time to make design a life style. From the things we watch, to the things we eat (vader toast), to the games we play, the music we listen to, and most importantly our community whom we love so dearly! We get inspired by our loyal Geeky fans every single day and Walllahhh. Boom! Art is created <3

That pretty much sums us up, If you have any other questions or would like to join in on the Sunday night fun please bring us beer and direct all application to [email protected] . You can also check out our website at for more information. 😀



  • BIG BOSS: Khalil Marenco
  • Ring Leader : Gramma (a.k.a Maria Guadamuz)
  • Lead Seamstress: Miss Chena Guadamuz
  • Creative Brains: Mario Marenco
  • Creative Brains: Emmanuel Marenco
  • Creative Brains: Venus Marenco


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