Getting Your Work on the Website


If you’re a current entrant, and you don’t see your work on the website, please email us!

Once you complete and pay for your submission, you’ll receive an email with a link to post your work on our website. This is what everyone who visits our website will see, and we use this page to post on our social media channels.

It will look something like this page.


You’ll enter

  • Entry ID # (for verification… so hold onto it)
  • Email address – in case we have questions
  • Title of work/shop or artist name
  • Category
  • Genres of work – these are tags (horror, sci-fi)
  • Details about your work – you’re welcome to include as much information as you’d like!
  • Names of your core team members and/or any credits you’d like to include
  • URLs to your website and social media sites
  • Featured image – a 650px wide x 366px tall image. We need this exact size, so the image fits our website template. We require entrants size images themselves, and we will return posts with incorrect size images. Click here to use a free online image resize tool.
  • Video (optional) – here is where you link to your featured episode or perhaps a video showing you creating your work. We accept public YouTube and Vimeo links only.
  • MP3 – If you have a direct URL that ends in .MP3, we allow you to link to it here.


Time to post

It takes us up to a week to review and post your work on our website. If we see any issues, we will email you and ask for corrections prior to updating.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help.