Girl With One Eye

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Girl With One Eye is a truly one of a kind brand. The owner, designer, seamstress, model, mom (i.e. chef, maid, juggler, etc.) started the company after nearly losing one of her eyes to a rare form of cancer. Not being one to let a little thing like cancer get in her way, she used it as motivation and Girl With One Eye came into existence.

This brand embraces the unique, with a focus on geek, retro and Lolita fashion and accessories. It is true that girl power reigns supreme here, but don’t let that scare you boys, GW1E also makes lovely…very handsome men’s attire as well!

Whether you are looking for the perfect skirt that can showcase your love for all things geeky, or the sophisticated dress to make the first Mrs. Draper green with envy, look no further then Girl With One Eye for all you’re ready to wear or custom needs.



  • Designer, Seamstress, Model: Kimberly
  • Photo: Joshua Fisher


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