GREY The Graphic Novel Trailer


This is the live-action/animation hybrid trailer for the award winning graphic novel, GREY, directed and animated by the writer and artist of the graphic novel, Jared Barel.

Written by the Barel Brothers with artwork by Jared Barel, GREY is the part sci-fi, part horror story of Bullard Valley, a quiet, little farming community that has been plagued by a series of mysterious disappearances and deaths. Now, it’s up to local Chief of Police, John Mack, to discover the cause of these tragedies. Is the source of their troublesextraterrestrial?

GREY is illustrated in the Loaded Barrel Studios signature “live-action” style derived from the creative team’s backgrounds in film and photography; shooting every panel of every book as if it were a movie shoot and converting those images into the unique artwork in every LBS project by combining photo manipulation, computer generated imaging, digital and traditional illustration. The cinematic styled artwork has left some critics calling Loaded Barrel Studios “the future of comics.”



Director, Writer, Producer: Jared Barel


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