Gabriel Jarret (Real Genius, Apollo 13, The American President)

Real Genius, Apollo 13, The American President

Born in Southern California, Gabriel Jarret was raised in & around the film industry. At age 12 he stepped in and began his professional career . Jarret gained early momentum when he starred opposite Val Kilmer in the 1986 Tri-Star cult favorite “Real Genius”, in which he played MITCH TAYLOR a 15 year old college whiz kid. From there he guest starred in many TV episodics; “The West Wing” “Fame LA” “City Guys” in the law drama’s of “First Monday” and “LA Law”; playing Ralph Macchio’s nemesis in “Karate Kid III” and co-starring in the feature dark comedy “At Home With the Webbers” with Jennifer Tilly and David Arquette. As mission controller NICK HUNTER, Gabriel returned to studio features helping to bring Tom Hanks and crew back to earth in Ron Howard’sApollo 13”. His duty to civil service, on screen anyway, had Gabriel playing an aid to president Michael Douglas in “The American President” directed by Rob Reiner. Gabriel spent a year and a half working the North American Tour of “FAME” the musical, then co-starred in another feature dark comedy “Dry Cycle” with Ione Skye. Working again with Rob Reiner, Gabriel can be seen in “Rumor Has It,”   and played 1st officer Chapman of the doomed cruise ship, in Wolfgang Petersen’s remake of “Poseidon”. After getting back together with Ron Howard for Ron’s historical political duel “Frost/Nixon” , The list goes on, and currently Gabriel can be seen in the newly released “Reaper,” with Danny Trejo and “Going Bongo”. As well as his newest feature, “Hero of the Underworld” due for release at the end of the year, 2015.