Hell Paso: The Story of Dallas Stoudenmire Special Edition


“El Paso…was a gathering place for all types of gamblers, common thieves and desperadoes. At that time it was called Hell Paso and…the title was justly earned.” El Paso Morning Times, June 25, 1916.

El Paso, Texas, 1881. Corruption runs rampant, crime and violence is high, and El Pasoans are scared. Who can turn this city around? There is only one man who can, and his name is Dallas Stoudenmire.

You’ve heard of famous Western lawmen such as Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, and Wild Bill Hickok. Now discover El Paso Marshal Dallas Stoudenmire, the one man who had the courage to tame the most violent city in the Old West. Based on the violent events from El Paso, Texas, between 1881 and 1882.

Hell Paso was collected as a graphic album and contains over thirty bonus pages which help expand the story. It includes: a “Hell Paso Facts” segment, reprints of original newspaper articles, and photos of Old El Paso and the individuals depicted in the story. The covers were created by Javier Saltares (Marvel’s Ghost Rider, David’s Mighty Men) and Rudy Vasquez (Jazan Wild’s Carnival of Souls), whose cover was colored by Kate Finnegan (Big Dog Ink’s The Legend of Oz: Wicked West).

Hell Paso: The Story of Dallas Stoudenmire Special Edition is an innovative graphic novel that received a grant from the Wild West History Association and was recognized with a 2014 Southwest Book Award from the Border Regional Library Association.



  • Creator/ Writer/ Artist: Jaime “Jimmy” Portillo
  • Artist/Colorist: Arturo Delgado
  • Artist/Colorist: Ricky Martinez
  • Artist/Colorist: Chris Shehan
  • Colorist: Danny Morales
  • Colorist: Adrian Dorame
  • Cover Artist: Javier Saltares
  • Flip Cover Artist: Rudy Vasquez
  • Flip Cover Colorist: Kate Finnegan
  • Bonus Section Contributor: Dr. James B. Carter


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