Henchmen is an upcoming web series that brings a modern take to the world of super heroes. We are in post-production of our first season and are currently looking for a strategic partnership for its release and to continue the saga.


Working for the Henchmen Company isn’t easy, you are overworked, underpaid, and often find yourself in precarious situations. And now, MOSES ALVAREZ has caught wind of a secret thirteenth floor and questionable business dealings from his partner MARK SANCHEZ.

Asked to make a “special delivery”, Moses and Mark travel to a sketchy part of town only to discover their routine drop off is a set up. Confronted by the town’s super hero, JUSTICE MAN pins them to trafficking contraband. Moses offers an explanation, but Justice Man wants them dead. In a moment of self defense, Moses finds the death of a super hero on his hands.

Now the most wanted man in the country, Moses teams up with rogue henchman ALBERT and the mysterious AUTUMN to find out who set them up and why.

Each answer brings new questions as Moses and team find themselves at the center of the biggest conspiracy the world has ever seen.

It’s the world of super heroes like you’ve never seen it before.



  • Director/Producer: William Camacho III
  • Director/Producer: Tim Guzman
  • Producer: Nicole Mandujano
  • Producer: Oscar Guzman
  • Producer: Helenna Santos
  • Producer: Blair Dickens
  • Editor: Joi Tanner
  • Writer: William Camacho
  • Starring: William Camacho III
  • Starring: Jack Cullison
  • Starring: Helenna Santos
  • Starring: David H. Lawrence XVII
  • Starring: Sandeep Parikh
  • Starring: Brittani Louise Taylor
  • Starring: Art Hsu
  • Starring: Dino Antoniou
  • Starring: Russel Reynolds
  • Starring: Morgan Poferl
  • Starring: Reko Moreno
  • Starring: Sonny Dominguez


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