Hooded Cobra: The Den of Serpents


Hooded Cobra: The Den of Serpents is an independent action/adventure thriller that follows Hooded Cobra, a special agent for an ancient secret society known only as The Den of Serpents. Rumored to have strong ties to the origins of human kind, the Den has sent Hooded Cobra on a mission to hunt down and stop 5 exiled members who, together, have formulated a plot to reduce the world’s population by over 70% with one catastrophic global event! Placed on a deadly race against time, Hooded Cobra must discover what the plot entails, when they plan to execute, and just how to stop it!



  • Creator/Artist: Rob Hicks
  • Co-writer: JJ Shelton
  • Inker: Mickey Chaney
  • Cover Colorist: Derrick Tipton


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