House of Darkly

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House of Darkly aims to find an intersectional niche with a fresh, original interpretation of the nostalgically familiar. It’s very important to me to acknowledge and respect my influences while fighting for fresh ideas. Working across fashion, accessories, and designer toys allows me to find exactly the right expression for each concept, as well as targeting the needs of varied customers. The goal is always to offer a new perspective; whether making a modern statement from a retro reference, or turning childhood fears into something to snuggle up to. In the end, you should wind up with what you didn’t know you always wanted.

Since its inception, House of Darkly has been under the control of a single artist; I do all the character creation and sketches, graphics design, pattern making, jewelry assembly, photography, and Netflix queue management. 100% of the sewing is done in house by me (with the exception of the textile design prototypes shown).



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