How Our Process Works





Creators enter their own work into The Geekie Awards. 

After you’ve chosen your categories and prepared your submission materials, you’ll register on our secure entry site. Each person will register only once (one account), then you’ll be able to submit as many entries as desired through your account. Your submission is considered complete once you’ve paid for it.


Entry Received

Once your entry and payment are received, we review it for accuracy and then send it through to the first judging round. We do not have a team of interns pre-screening submissions—every entry with the required information and media is seen by our judges.


Publish work on our website

After paying for your submissions, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to our website entry form. This is a second step necessary to post your work on our site. Your individual web page is what we use to promote your work via social media. All entrants with work on our website get free publicity just for entering!

Note: Judges do not use the website to score, and not all entrants post their work on our website. 


Judging + Nominations

Judges are assigned one or more categories, where they review work in the comfort of their home or office. Judges are broken up into groups, depending on their area of expertise; however, they are not allowed to speak to or with with one another during the scoring process. Judges score each submission against the criteria provided for each category. Judges do not score entries against one another—each entry is scored individually. This is how they are able to score various forms of work within a single category (art vs craft, etc).

The top 5 highest scored entries in each category become nominees for the live ceremony. We announce nominees in July to the press. Nominees are also notified via email. We post their work on our website in a special section and share it all over social media.


new public voting

Once the judges choose five (5) nominees per category, the public will vote to choose a winner in each category using the videos, images and information you submit. The public will be able to vote for one nominee in each category once per day for 3 weeks, using our secure website. No login/registration required. Nominees will be able to promote their work for public votes. Votes will be tallied and the winner of each category announced during the live ceremony. Public voting is a geek community request, enabling our show to truly become “by geeks for geeks!” 

Note: Due to the nature of gaming, we are not using public voting for TableTop or Video Games. Judges will choose these winners; however, nominees will participate in the voting process so we can get more eyeballs on your work.


Media Needs

Nominees, particularly in video-based categories, are asked to send digital copies of their work (video/media files) for us to use in our nominee videos that will be played during the live show. View an example here.


The Ceremony 

NEW! This year, we are planning a two-day event to provide nominees a chance to participate in individual interviews, along with an opportunity to network, with other nominees, judges, industry guests and press.

Each nominee is given two (2) tickets to the event in August. (Additional tickets can be purchased.) We encourage nominees to attend in person or send a representative in their place. We ask all representatives to have speeches ready in the case the work they are representing wins.

Nominees will need to provide our PR team with photos of themselves and short bios—this information is given to the press on “tip sheets,” so outlets know who you are when you arrive on our red carpet.


Winning AN AWARD

Award winners are announced live on stage. If you/your work wins, you’ll go on stage to give a 30 second speech and accept your trophy. Once you leave the stage, you’ll be guided by our PR team back onto the red carpet for additional photos with your award. You are welcome to bring as many people as you’d like on stage with you to accept the award.

Note: Each award-winning team receives one trophy. We are currently working with our sponsors to offer additional trophies for purchase.




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