How We Handle Publicity


We are transparent with how we run things, and we want to be sure everyone clearly understands what they receive as part of our show, and what entrants are responsible for themselves.

We are here to help provide the tips you need for success. Team work!

IMPORTANT: We do not have control over press that attend the event and what they choose to shoot, cover and publish, including photos and videos of nominees or winners. This is standard for any event, as this is the way press works. They are third parties who cover what they wish and what works for their individual publications.


Entering YOUR Work


All entrants receive a page on our website via a link we send after the entry is complete and paid for. We share this link all over Twitter and Facebook to our social following.



To get even more exposure, share your page to everyone you know–on your website and social media. This serves two purposes:

  • The more you share, the more people see it! YOUR fans are super dedicated to you, and they are more likely to share when the link is posted by you.
  • Your page shows up higher in search results on Google, Yahoo and other search engines! The more views, the higher the results. You get views by… you guessed it, sharing!





  • Announcements: We announce our nominees in July, and include you in social media outreach. We will also send you graphic badges to promote!
  • Attending the show: Each nominee is given two (2) tickets to the event in August with preferred seating. We do not cover guest expenses at this time (we may be able to offer discounts on lodging through sponsor hotels).
  • Publicity at the show: Our PR gurus will give the photos/ bios you supply to press on “tip sheets,” so outlets know who you are when you arrive on our red carpet should they be interested in speaking to you. (Remember, we don’t control the press!)
  • Photos / video on the red carpet: We provide an in-house photographer and video team to interview you at the event. 



  • SELL UP YOUR NOMINATION! Whether you win or not, “award-nominated” better be on all of your materials from now on! They do it at The Oscars, and you need to do it too. 
  • You are responsible for pitching your individual projects to press. We encourage you to reach out to bloggers and websites, as everyone will want to interview you before the show. The goal is to get a mention specific to you. No worries, we provide you with tips!
  • Nominees will need to provide our PR team with photos of themselves and short bios for press. We will request this in August.






publicity-winner2publicity-winner publicity-winner

If you/your project wins, you’ll head up on stage and give a speech in front of our live audience and guests. This is your opportunity to be recognized while the world and a room full of your idols and industry leaders watch. We provide you with tips in advance!

  • Publicity: Once you leave the stage, you’ll be guided by our PR team back onto the red carpet for additional photos with your trophy.
  • Media & Press: We send a list of winners to all media attending the show and those covering it online. Most of them will publish your names in their coverage.
  • After the event: It ain’t over yet! We work with you throughout the rest of the year, until new winners are announced, helping promote your work, inviting you to panels, and providing additional promotions via our community sponsors. Reminder: this is BY REQUEST. You always have our email, it’s up to you to ask. 
  • Gifts: All of our winners will receive additional sponsored gifts, provided to you after the event. 



SELL UP YOUR WIN! You worked very hard for this award, and you deserve to gloat and let everyone know. Post photos of you with your trophy, use our winner badge on all of your work. Let the world know how amazing you are!