Hull Breach: Loyalty & Vigilance

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Hull Breach is a sci-fi cards-and-dice game featuring epic space combat between ships, firefights between Marine boarding parties, and plenty of clever tactics and galaxy-shaking events. You assume command of a space station belonging to one of our several in-game factions and fight it out with one or more other Commanders to achieve galactic domination! The object of the game is to protect your Station – your home in space – from other Commanders while trying to capture or destroy theirs. Be warned – they’re trying to do the same thing to you. It’s a tough galaxy and at the end of the day only one Commander gets to remain standing. Hull Breach! is a LCG, tactical, operational, and strategic space-combat and logistics card game for two or more players.

How it Began:

Hull Breach! came to be late in 2009, when Army combat veteran Dan Auxier decided he liked card games, and he liked war games, but none of them on the market satisfied him – so he decided to create his own. Several friends agreed the infant card game had potential and suddenly a team had formed. The first published version of the game was self-financed and served as a prototype for the next iteration of the game: the box sets “Corporate Wars” and “Loyalty and Vigilance,” which were Kickstarted in Spring of 2013 and published in early 2014. The team has slimmed down since those first days but a core crew of people has pulled the game kicking and screaming towards success.


  • Lead Developer: Daniel Auxier
  • Featured Artist:Tim Greenan
  • Art Director: AJ Paratore
  • Card Template Designer:Vince Paratore
  • Writer/Rules Editor:Neil Remiesiewicz
  • Writer:Charles Quigley
  • Editor: Devin Warburton


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