Ice Scream Man

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The Ice Scream Man is a completely self produced designer toy. The piece was designed, sculpted, prototyped, mass produced, literally… the artist made the molds, ran the molding equipment,performed post molding cleanup and pack out then marketed and sold the piece. Many artists have produced limited run resin figures and many have funded the outsourced manufacture of their own design but this project saw mass production volumes in a self funded, self produced process. To date there have been many editions, totaling nearly 1000 pieces of the full size design along with a mini-figure release of the same design. Product has been shipped to most states and many countries and is now carried by designer toy retailers around the world. There was even a custom toy show featuring the ice scream man as the platform for some of the top artists in the designer toy scene.



  • Brutherford Design and manufacturing
  • Tamara Petrosino Package design and illustration


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