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“Inescapable” is the debut release from one-man independent developer Magnetic Realms. Unravel the mystery uncovered by a remote interplanetary mining operation. What did they find? What threat does it pose? And ultimately, what does it truly mean to be a hero?

    • Side scrolling action combined with adventure style puzzles.


    • A large world to explore with an intriguing story and an unusual, thought-provoking ending.


    • Hand drawn pixel art for a classic Amiga/Atari ST 16-bit era graphical style.


    • Features optional CRT screen simulation effect for a more authentic look on modern LCD monitors.



“I found the ending quite moving. A thoughtful critique smartly grounded in its simplicity, Fielding found the perfect way to cap off your soldier’s exploits.”
– Indie Statik

“…as with the rest of the game, these snippets and bits of writing are ultimately a tool – rather expertly utilized by Fielding – for creating an illusion, or a sense, of place – and at the very end of the game, a very specific mental space that the game ultimately, laudably, inhabits.”

“Inescapable…made me confront my own mortality as a gamer and a reviewer.”
– The Slowdown

“Why play it? Lovecraftian sci-fi platformers with quality writing are a rare thing; even more so when they have the quirks and look of an Amiga game.”
– Warpdoor

About Magnetic Realms:

Magnetic Realms is a Tokyo-based one-man independent game studio founded by former game industry programmer Matt Fielding.



Developer: Matt Fielding


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