Ivan Van Norman

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Ivan Van Norman is an entrepreneur and emerging geek icon from the wilderness that is Nerd Culture. A graduate of Chapman University, he has been an active performer and leader through many enterprises from his various guest spots on Youtube, his national TV presence, his voice work, or even his 8 year stint performing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He has served as Game Designer/Marketing Manager for Hunters Books, a Role Playing publisher which has been in business for the last 4 years with their popular and award winning Zombie Survival RPG ‘Outbreak: Undead’.

He was recently featured on Season 1 of TBS’ reality show “King of the Nerds” in which he was a finalist and has gained a modest following. He is also starring in a new web series titled ‘Saving Throw’, which features a new view on how to teach and participate in role playing games. His most recent work was for Wil Wheaton’s TableTop where he helped break the record for most money raised for a web series. He enjoys Sugar Gliders, Performing with Fire, Games, Dragons and is addicted to being awesome.


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