James Acken / Cultúrlán Enterprises

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Our work is designed to help make Celtic history and mythology more accessible, by transforming aspects into original artwork and placing that artwork on commonly used mediums such as playing cards. Our artist, James Acken, is an Adjunct Professor of Medieval Studies, and uses his knowledge to ensure that each intricately detailed piece contains accurate symbolism – explanations of which are available via our website at www.culturlan.com/info/celticcards. We add to this body of work on a continuing basis, and eventually hope to print an art book showcasing each piece in detail, accompanied with explanations and examples of the influences and symbolism which went into the creation of each card. This project was funded with the help of the Kickstarter community, who provided invaluable encouragement and suggestions for improvement – as well as financial support.



Artist / Creative Director: James Acken


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