Jared Barel

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Jared Barel is co-owner and artist of the indie comic and graphic novel publisher Loaded Barrel Studios. “Live-Action Graphic Novel” is the phrase that we use to describe Jared Barel’s unique art stylings in which every panel on every page of Jared’s comics are set up and shot like a film on digital stills with live actors, props, costumes, etc. and then converted into the “comic” art that you see in his books through a fusion of traditional and digital illustration, photo manipulation, and computer generated imaging to create a visual experience unlike any other.

Jared is also an accomplished writer and filmmaker having written, directed, edited, and produced an assortment of major label and indy music videos, short films, documentaries, and commercials including some killer trailers for his graphic novels BRIELLE AND THE HORROR and GREY.



Artist, Director: Jared Barel


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