Jessica Forever

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“Jessica Forever” is a new web-series about Jessica Huberman (Kate Horn): a young, single mother who is dealing with the struggle of sobriety while she is drawn into the underworld of Vampires that know what her true purpose is.

The 100% original drama-horror web series spans thousands of years, and promises to realistically unveil a world many yearn to be a part of and the reality of what that wish entails.

Westley Cornwell and Luis Garcia co-created the series and were motivated by the lack of a quality Vampire-based web-series.

“In the process of making making Jessica Forever, we did a lot of research on drug addiction and how it affects lives,” Cornwell shared. “That is a huge part of this story and it balances out the fantastical elements”.

While the horror of an eternal damnation will be enough to pull in many viewers, the struggle of sobriety set against the background draws a haunting comparison to the many who struggle with getting their lives back on track after defeating a gripping addiction.

Kate Horn, the actress who plays Jessica, provides a performance so real that the viewer will find themselves fighting their own push and pull – both encouraging her to keep her sobriety on track and wanting her to go deeper into the world she’s been fated.

“I was drawn to this role because upon meeting Westley, we instantly had a good, creative repoir. I could see he was passionate about this project and had a clear vision of where he wanted it to go. Plus, I’ve always loved vampire lore, having dressed up as vampires on multiple Halloweens over the years and being a sucker for vampire flicks and shows such as The Lost Boys and True Blood. I was psyched to play not only a vampire, but a character that is so well-written and very real,” Horn said. “I feel very connected to Jessica. She’s an emotionally complex character and masks her vulnerability with a tough exterior. I can definitely relate to that.”

“If I had to compare the tone of our show to anything else, it would be The Walking Dead because of the realistic approach to the material,” Cornwell said.

In a growing community of home-based videos creating a sensation online, Jessica Forever brings a production quality usually saved for TV and film screens, and fans are taking notice.

The dark story and feel is one that evokes a myriad of emotions from viewers and will find themselves discovering new details from multiple views that will take them deeper, themselves, into Jessica’s internal battle.



  • Director/Writer/Producer/Co-Creator: Westley Cornwell
  • Writer/Producer/Co-Creator: Luis Garcia
  • Director of Photography: Nathan Coltrane
  • Lighting: Diego Giovanni
  • Editing: Rob Valdez
  • Production Sound: Daniel Smith
  • Sound Editing/Mixing/Original Music: Noah Woodburn
  • Special Effects Makeup: Claire and Damien Brooksbank
  • Assistant Director: Andrea Juneau
  • Camera Assistant: Chris Buchal
  • 2nd Camera: Gabe Twigg
  • Boom Operator: Julian F. Grijalva
  • Boom Operator: Kati Werner
  • Key Production Assistant: Veronica Rose


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