Jill Trent, Science Sleuth #1


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Jill Trent, Science Sleuth was a comic book heroine published in the mid-1940s who solved mysteries and caught crooks using her scientific genius, improbable inventions, and the fighting prowess of her faithful partner, Daisy Smythe!

Now, more than 65 years later, we’re bringing Jill and Daisy back in JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH #1, a 28-page comic book featuring 5 stories by 5 creative teams! Each stand-alone story reimagines the Science Sleuths in a new way, including a range of racial and ethnic identities and time periods, from the 1940s to the not-too-distant future.

Suitable for all ages, the short stories in JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH #1 include both a mix of “real” science and goofy sci-fi, celebrating women in science with an undercurrent of feminism.

With 5 different versions of the Science Sleuths, the unspoken theme is, hopefully, one of diversity and empowerment. The book celebrates women in science as well as female characters in comics. It’s just the first in a planned series of new adventures!



  • Editor: D.M. Higgins
  • “Science, Like Love” Written by D.M. Higgins, Art by Rafael Romeo Magat
  • “The Horror of the Huge Hamsters” Written by Charley Macorn, Art by Matthew R. McDaniel, Colors by Spenser Morris, Letters & Production Assistance by A.L. Onfroi
  • “The Mystery of the Manifest Volcano” Written by Adam Rowe, Art by Kyle Roberts, Colors by A.L. Onfroi
  • “Hearts of Steel” Written by N.J. Coyle, Art by Ryan Incandenza
  • “The Sinister Smokescreen” Written by Jacqueline Ching, Art by Michael R. Hall, Colors by Frank Barbara, Letters by Declan Fitz


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