Ali Alsaleh


Who is Ali, He is a man of many mysteries. His obsession with technology scares people, even his wife. His next invention will be a dog walking robot and is building his team of engineers for a completion date of Summer 2048.

He brings years of experience of editing, photography and IT to the table. By day he is the IT genius that everyone always come to for complex intergalactic issues but by night he sits with his Macbook pro and sucks in all the of the internets. He is also the Director of Information Technology for ArtsCubed of Nashville, a non-profit that runs such events as GMX, MTAC and Nashville Zombie Walk.

He is the husband of award winning actress Teal Sherer who is the creator of the show My Gimpy Life ( She has also appeared in other popular web series such as The Guild, The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour and Retarded Policeman. He has always been a closet geek and until they married did he finally come out with it. At least 2 days a week he wears a superhero shirt just to remind people that justice is out there.

After a VERY Successful Kickstarter campaign Season 2 of My Gimpy Life launched on Monday February 17th. There will be 4 episodes roughly 10 minutes each in length and including some of last season’s favorite guest appearances along with some new ones.