Aria Cunningham


Archaeologist | Adventurer | Author – and Filmmaker! Self-proclaimed History Geek Aria Cunningham studied marine archaeology at UC Berkeley with a focus on the mediterranean cultures of the Late Bronze Age. In 2004, she helped excavate a Roman palace from 200 AD at Tel Dor, Israel. Alas, the bones of history were not enough, and she returned to the States to earn her MFA in filmmaking at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. In 2008, she created her production company, Mythmakers Entertainment, focusing on high production value spots on a shoestring budget. Her biggest credit to date is producing the USA Today’s #1 commercial of Superbowl XLV (Doritos’, Pug Attack), which topped every metric in the Ad world, screened to 110 million people and garnered 8 million hits on YouTube. Her newest creation is literary. Book 1 of her series, “The Princess of Sparta: Heroes of the Trojan War” is a fresh take on the old mythology and is available on Amazon or at her website: