Daisy Viktoria


Daisy Viktoria is a fashion and costume designer who specializes in custom fantasy couture gowns, historical and fantasy costumes, formal and bridal wear, and corsetry. Daisy has been creating historical and fantasy-inspired garments for over 20 years. Daisy is most influenced by nature, faeries, elves, fantasy worlds, mystical realms, steampunk, historical fashion, and her everlasting childhood imagination. Daisy’s formal education is in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and she holds a Master’s degree in this field. Daisy is also an avid cosplayer and gamer.

Daisy sells a variety of dresses, ensembles, and accessories. Her collections are always available as custom orders, and samples and one-of-a-kind items are available for direct sale.

Daisy’s work has been featured on runways throughout the Los Angeles area, as well as San Diego and Atlanta. Her work can be seen in Cosmode, FAE Magazine, Cloud Orchid Magazine, Gothic Beauty, Dark Beauty, Von Gutenberg, Petite Alternative, and Rebelicious Magazine, as well as various online outlets.

For custom inquiries, booking, collaborations, or any other cool ideas or questions, please send Daisy an email. [email protected]
You can also check out Daisy’s work on her website: http://daisyviktoria.com