Darling Stewie

darling stewie

Stewie is a graphic designing, blogging, wonder pixie, with pastel hair, cute tattoos, and probably too many cats. Her goal in life is to spread whimsy, love, and friendship to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Oh, and to one day meet an Ewok.

As co-founder of last year’s nominee in Websites/Blogs, the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club she proudly coordinates friendships, fun, and encourages everyone to send magic in the mail. Founded in 2013 by her and her bestie from the UK, Farquharson, the club was designed to bring together the nerd community through shared interests in all things geeky, a love of stationery, and an interest in making friends. Each month, the club pairs hundreds of geek girls and guys with their nerdy soul mates from across the globe, using their ‘Top 5 Geek Loves’ to find their perfect match. So far, they’ve paired 9,000+ very happy pen pals. They are so proud to know that many of our pen pals have found life-long friendships through the IGGPPC, and some have even traveled overseas to meet each other!

In addition to wrangling iggles (that’s what club members are called!), Stewie also has a day job, doing graphic design and marketing work for eBay Enterprise. She’s worked on some pretty neat clients, including Jinx Clothing, Alex and Ani, Target, and her personal favorite, Kigurumi Shop. She just loves pajamas.

When she isn’t working, she’s blogging. Stewie has been blogging for 5 years at her personal (and quite silly) blog, DarlingStewie.com. Here she blogs about fashion, cosplaying, girl power, friendship, and fangirling. Speaking of blogging, Stewie co-founded NEPA BlogCon, a local blogging conference seeking to educate locals on the importance of having an online presence, while raising money for a good cause. All ticket proceeds benefit a chosen local charity or cause.

Some other things that Stewie does: Stewie runs an Etsy store called Word To Your Unicorn, where she sells kawaii and geeky stationery and stickers, in an effort to fill the stationery boxes of geeks with cute joy. She also likes to stream video games at Twitch.tv/darlingstewie. Here, you can watch her scream in horror playing through scary games, laughing maniacally while she plays tabletop games with her friends, or being downright amazing at video games. Kappa.

Stewie has a serious social media addiction, so if you want to get to know her, you should probably follow her on twitter, @darlingstewie and @iggppchq. She’s friendly, so say hi! And bring cake!