Jared Hoy


Director Jared Hoy has been working in Hollywood for over a decade on feature films, pilots, web series, music videos and more. A graduate of the L.A. Film School, Jared has been passionate about the world of cinematography and directing since his childhood. A native of Pennsylvania, Jared was fortunate enough to shoot his first film in high school and knew then it was what he wanted topursue.

With his award-winning production company, “Electric Hobo,” Jared has not only been fortunate enough to work with a variety of talent in the industry, but also gain notoriety as a winner in various film festivals.

“Not only do I love telling stories and going on adventures, but I love taking the viewer with me,” he says.

Jared is not only a successful filmmaker, but one that understands the balance and politics of the industry.

“You have to find the right people to do the right job, because when you have a great team, you can relax and truly focus on your vision, knowing the other aspects of the project are in good hands.”

Jared recently teamed up with several actors from fellow Director Joss Whedon’s camp to direct “S.H.I.E.L.D.E.D.,” an Avengers-based comedic web short.

Jared’s continues to utilize his directing skills and expertise as a cinematographer on several projects currently in development.