Jenny Lorenzo


Jenny Lorenzo’s youth involved jumping through green pipes, outrunning large Jumanji stampedes, and eating more pizza than Michelangelo himself. This is why she has spent the last four years hosting an award-winning vlog called Geekgasm on the Aggressive Comix channel where she talks, rants, and raves about any and all things geek-related! Her love for creating original online content got her a Geekie Award for Best Personality in 2014 and led her to BuzzFeed Motion Pictures where she produces more fun and sharable videos for the You of Tubes.

Jenny is a born and raised Miami gal with a lot of weird stories to tell as she was once a pet sitter, telenovela editor at Univision and the Nesquik bunny mascot. She enjoys cosplaying nostalgic 90s cartoons, frequently quotes “Kung Pow” and is housed in Ravenclaw.

You can find Jenny at