Ken Campbell


Ken was born south of Boston and grew up idolizing Batman- mostly because he envied someone who was rich and didn’t have to deal with his family. His over developed sense of justice led to a brief career in juvenile law enforcement, where he worked anti-gang and anti-drug squads in western Massachusetts. He became an award winning journalist while in college, but upon graduation moved to Florida in pursuit of a career as a kept man. After that didn’t work out, Ken parlayed his Wikipedia level knowledge of American history into a full-time teaching gig in the seventh largest school district in the country. His fandoms include comic books, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Disney and Bruce Campbell- all of whom he steals from on a daily basis to entertain his students. When he’s not warping the minds of our nation’s youth, Ken enjoys movies, writing, painting and hanging out by the beach while waiting to be discovered.

You can follow him on Twitter @K_D_Campbell.