Ken Pisani


Ken Pisani writes and produces for television and has earned two Emmy nominations. (He remains bitter about losing.) He has optioned features and sold network pilots, events that expired with little fanfare, while his work has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Nickelodeon, DisneyXD, Syfy, TNT as well as devices you can stare at while you should be paying attention to the world around you. Whatever. Ken is also a playwright and published fiction author, former cartoonist, art director, stand-up comic and sports producer…. let’s face it: some people have a career path, Ken’s resume is more like the trail of a serial killer—appearing random and chaotic but on closer examination, arbitrary and confused. Further muddying the waters, Ken and artist Arturo Lauria won the inaugural Geekie Award for Best Comic Book & Graphic Novel for “COLONUS,” which has since been published by Dark Horse Comics. You can follow his updates on COLONUS, and his not-always-lucid thoughts on comic book life in general, on Twitter @colonusae, and read Chapter 1 of COLONUS here: Ken is currently writing a feature for Forecast Pictures, and his debut novel “AMP’D” will be published by St. Martin’s Press in May.