Marx Pyle


Marx has taken his geekdom to the web by interviewing and writing about all things scifi for various news websites since 2007. For the last few of those years, he has been writing for SciFiPulse, including spearheading the SciFi Pulse Top Ten Web Series picks for 4 years, and co-hosting/producing the podcast GenreTainment. With over 200 interviews and counting, he not only reports the news but also tries to make some as a filmmaker.

Since graduating from Vancouver Film School, Marx has been working on a wide range of projects in different roles: over a dozen short films (he is most partial to Silence of the Belle, but that may be because he wrote/directed/produced it), nearly a dozen feature length films, over a dozen Reality TV shows (don’t judge him…), and has been a highly active web series creator. He co-wrote/directed/produced Reality on Demand, co-directed/co-produced Book of Dallas, did cinematography for multiple episodes of Star Trek Phase II (once known as Star Trek New Voyages), has been the fight choreographer (and occasional camera operator) for the second season of Aidan 5, and is writing/producing the upcoming Lovecraft inspired anthology series Whispers from the Shadows. He is also a proud member of the International Academy of Web Television and was one of the judges for the 2014 IAWTV awards.

In his spare time, he likes to practice the multitude of styles of martial arts he knows, in order to balance out the geek factor for knowing way to much about scifi/fantasy TV shows, movies, comic books, and pen & paper RPG’s… or maybe he is just training to be a Jedi…