Melissa Howland


What can I say… I’m a St. Louis girl in the city of angels. (Don’t worry! I’m still a Cardinals fan!) I’m the LA Editor for We Are Movie Geeks, and former host of Film Fiend on the MY network in St. Louis. Other guest stints include Just Seen It on PBS, and a recent article in Famous Monsters Of Filmland Magazine. I spend the majority of my time wearing out my Blu-ray player, watching both awesome and awesomely bad movies. Cheese and bad acting are some of my favorite qualities in a flick.I might be snarky, and a bit loud-mouthed… but at least I keep things fun! Oh, and I’m a Pisces that enjoys long walks on the beach, horror films and yard gnomes!

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Favorite Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street series, Reform School Girls, Labyrinth, The Crow, Beetlejuice, Feast, Fright Night, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Back To The Future, Star Wars, almost anything Tim Burton (We don’t talk about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Dead Poets Society, Amelie, etc… I’m a sucker for a cheesy storyline, but I love a good slashing!