Kill Me


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“Why would anyone want to be young and in love, anyway? There’s no future in it.”

Life hasn’t been good for Jack. In fact, he’s in pretty bad shape. That’s why he’s come to Fun Land, the amusement park of his childhood. He’s going to kill himself on the first hill of the Widow Maker XXL roller coaster.

Fun Land is where everything went wrong for Jack 20 years ago. He had a summer job there and fell in love with Alexis, but he was young and stupid and too full of himself. He dumped her on his last day of work.

It all went downhill from there – Alexis died in a car accident that fall.

When Jack decides to stop off for a bathroom break on the way to his untimely death, he slowly “drifts” to sleep on the stall.
He wakes to the sound of someone trying to force themselves into the stall. The door breaks open and it’s…Jack? There are now two of the exact same person at the same place and time, and one wants to kill the other.

It’s 1992, and Jack has accidentally traveled through time again. He’s also created a paradox resulting in dozens of identical versions of Jack running around the park. And more on the way.

So Jack decides to do what any other drunken, suicidal amusement park toilet time traveler would do: kill the other versions of himself and destroy the time traveling toilet.

The problem: All those other versions of himself have the exact same idea.



  • Chad Lambert – Writer
  • Christine Larsen – Illustrator
  • Jaymes Reed – Letterer


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