Kim Horcher

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Kim Horcher is the main host, executive producer, creator, and driving engine behind Nerd Alert, a talk, news, and opinion show for The Young Turks. Every day she produces at least one video, with absolutely no teleprompters, scripts, or restrictions on what she can or can’t say.

Kim half-assed a career in local news, before finally admitting to herself that her heart wasn’t in it. She pitched her idea for a fearless talk show about video games, technology, science, fantasy and sci-fi genre entertainment, and nerd culture as a whole, and has since built the show to a success with very few resources. She is also the main host on What The Flick’s Walking Dead review show, a panelist on What the Flick’s Game of Thrones review show, and has appeared as a host for Crave Online’s E3 coverage, G4’s (RIP) coverage of Transformers Bot Con, The Stream TV’s Under The Table, among others. She owes her first job as an online community moderator, as well as her first serious relationship to being an avid MMORPG player in college.

Kim hopes to inspire people to embrace and be who they are, without feeling shame or intimidation. It’s okay to be you…even if you’re a little awkward.



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