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Krypton Radio stands as the world’s most popular geek radio station, heard by tens of thousands of listeners per month in over 135 countries. Our web site features insightful articles on geek culture and fandom every day, and our radio station is the soundtrack to our lives. We even have free player apps for every kind of tablet and smart phone.

Krypton Radio is a lens. It brings the work of geek creators into focus for the fans who love the stuff. Our idea was to make a place on the internet where we, the fans, could celebrate our geekiness and have our work seen by the people who matter most: the fans themselves. We’re sought out by broadcasters, publishers, show runners, artists, musicians, and novelists to help bring the creators to their audiences, and the audience to the creators they love.

We’re taste setters; we help new artists rise, and we help the fans find their work – and, hopefully, we inspire both fans and creators alike to make more of what the world of the geeky truly runs on: imagination.

Krypton Radio – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi!



  • Founder and Station Manager: Gene Turnbow
  • Executive Producer: Susan L. Fox
  • DJ: Willow Leafstorm
  • DJ: Gary DaBaum
  • Production Manager: Cat Carter
  • Writer, ‘LEGO Beat’: Zrath Smiley
  • Writer: Anne Moore
  • Writer: Brandy Grote
  • Writer: Elizabeth Carlie
  • Writer: RJ Seutter
  • Writer: ‘Four Color Bullet’: Michael Brown
  • Writer: Karina ‘Cinerina’ Montgomery
  • Writer: Lisa Harmon
  • U.K. Correspondent: Ralph Carr
  • On-Air News: Robert Hess
  • Writer: Lisa M.A. Winters
  • Writer: S. P. Hendrick
  • Writer: Robert Seutter
  • Daniel Vanderwood – Software Engineering / Server Administration


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