Leia’s Call Me Maybe – A Star Wars Parody

Posted In Short Films

We made this video in summer 2012 when the internet was full of “Call Me Maybe” parody’s.

If you’ve seen Carly Rae’s original music video, ours is loosely based off of hers. In her video, she is making eyes at a guy the whole time, and in the end he gives a note to her (male) bandmember with his number and it turns out he’s gay.

In ours, you can clearly get the reference of Leia eyeing Luke, and in the end receives a note from Vader, her father, stating that it’s her brother. Incest humor abounds.

I hope you enjoy our video and you smile. May the Force be with you!



  • Director/blond Leia: Kiri Rix
  • Film Editor/Cinematographer: Mike D
  • Sound Engineer/Keyboard player: Christian Wolfe
  • Bass Guitarist: David Rix
  • Percussionist: John Pourshadi


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