Lipola is played by two people. You navigate two characters through a surreal and symbolic path in a dualistic world.
Consideration is the high road to your destination. Lipola is a fascinating journey through a world out of black and white. Only by acting solidary both of you can subsist. Within ten graphically highly sophisticated levels you are helping the (seperate) figures to reunite, with each other/ to get together again, while you try not to dissolve in your own body color.

Discover the captivating dependence on the action of your game partner as you break through all obstacles – but try not to knot your fingers. Sometimes it’s necessary to wait for the right moment, to reflect with your partner or to give him priority.



  • Gamedesign & Code: Greitmann Christian
  • Artist: Muske Katharina
  • Producer: Monjoie Philipp
  • Sounddesign & Music: Scheibel Philip
  • Character Design: Putzker Janina
  • Character Artist: Große-Bley Finn
  • Additional Concept: Pivatta Simone


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