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Pop culture addicts Zack (Zack Abramowitz) and Manny (Matt Steiner) attend an engagement party where groom-to-be Roy (Devin Klos), a former über-geek has turned “normal” in an effort to pursue a happy future with beautiful vegan baker, Emily (Maya Murphy). When learning that at a vegan party there is no meat, a delirious Manny falls into a stupor where he meets his guardian angel, Serra (Shannon Kendall). After given sage advice, Zack decides that he must save Roy from himself which leads to an epic laser sword battle! A sci-fi/fantasy comedy with loving references from Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica, LOSERS is an explosive story not to be missed!


  • Writer: Carlos del Rosario
  • Director: Carlos del Rosario
  • Editor and Visual FX: Carlos del Rosario
  • Producers: Zack Abramowitz and Alex Valderana
  • Director of Photography: Bobby Sansivero
  • Associate Producer: Jack Gattanella


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