Mad Rams

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Ad Rams Don (Bob MacWordell) and Roger (Angus McPeters) work to find a title for a new board game.

This game would eventually come to be known as The Settlers of Catan.

Bob MacWordell and Angus McPeters first made a name for themselves as co-anchor newsrams for The Bob & Angus Show by Mayfair Games where they talk about board games, geek culture and ovine life style.


  • Executive Producers: Robert T. Carty Jr.
  • Executive Producers: Alex Yeager
  • Producer/Director: Don A. Dehm
  • co-director: Stacey Gordon
  • Bob MacWordell: Dean Steeves
  • Angus McPeters: Drew Kallen
  • Claire O’Brien: Stacey Gordon
  • Lead Writer: Alex Yeager
  • Scipt Wrangler/Editor: Drew Kallen
  • Writers: Todd Gordon, Ed May, Alex Yeager, Drew Kallen
  • Cameras: Scott Forster
  • Editing & Sound: Erin Newburn
  • Puppet Design & Construction: Andy Hayward, Stacey Gordon
  • Stage & Props: Mike Sorensen, Sarah Schaffer, Ginger Ferguson, Stacey Gordon
  • Production Assistants: Sharah Schaffer, Aaron Field
  • Graphic Design: Thomas Deeny
  • Catering: Ginger Ferguson
  • Music: Peter Gorritz
  • Speical Thanks: Ron Solomon
  • Production: Pulp Gamer Media


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