MALICE: Metamorphosis


MALICE: Metamorphosis takes place a year after Alice survived her confrontation with the beast beneath her home. She saved her mom and sister, but lost her warrior dad. Trying to live a normal life in the small town that knows her as “the girl who blows things up,” Alice is haunted by dark dreams of an epic medieval battle and the armored specter of her dead father. Are her nightmares harbingers of an impending disaster that threatens the town? Or is Alice simply going mad as the line between fantasy and reality blurs?



  • Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Philip Cook
  • Starring: Brittany Martz, Nora Palka, Cathryn Benson, Raphael Sebastian, Dave Coyne, Mark Hyde, Matthew Gulbranson and Leanna Chamish


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