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Mandi is an all ‘round nerdy kind of girl, with a love for lame puns, spooky oddities, all things garishly cute, and the horrendously tacky. Her artistic crank is often turned by records, pin-ups, taxidermy, things in miniature, toys, and games. She graduated post-secondary with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and has been working in art galleries and frame shops ever since.

Starting at an early age, Mandi has been both a collector and maker of things, with particular attachments to books and toys. She had always longed to connect more with others that shared her passions, and began to share her toy collection online. Before she knew it, she was feet first into doing her own one of a kind custom toys and paint jobs.

The custom toys created include modified vinyl blanks with polymer clay sculpted parts, found objects where appropriate, as well as fully sculpted pieces. Mandi’s designs are often pop art in nature; brightly coloured, flat, and with surrealist elements. She’s as often inspired by her memories and experiences as she is by the spooky and strange.

Currently she’s working on her first themed custom art toy collection centered around carnivals and sideshows. She co-habitates with her high-school sweetheart and pet skinny pig named Scrunchion.



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