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This is a web series which looks to cast aside stereotypes and show geeks and metalheads as the normal, every day folk that they are. Sure they have a t-shirt representing every member of the Justice League and the guys often wear more eye-liner than the girls, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fall in love or have stupid arguments with their friends. This show is a great example of low-budget film-making, being done almost exclusively for less than £1000 and funded entirely by those involved. The story follows predominately two best friends, Ginge and Tails, in their quest to find love. Ginge is a womaniser, he comes across at first as being quite arrogant and sleazy, so when he meets the beautiful and lovely Chloe you can understand why she doesn’t want anything to do with him. However there’s always more to a person than first impressions, and with Ginge there’s a very good reason why he avoids getting attached to girls, however his fear of being hurt may now have ruined his chances of ever being loved again.

Tails is a geeky, gay, gamer girl, she prefers to socialise online and has all the confidence needed to take down a dragon four levels above her, but when it comes to actually making a move on her longtime crush and flatmate Beki, she might as well hang up her axe and stick to Farmville. Thing is Beki is waiting for Tails to stand up and take what she wants, she’s just too naive to realise it, and Beki is getting impatient, especially as a distraction has arrived in her life. Time is running out for both Ginge and Tails, but they can’t just change their lives in one night.



  • Director: Simon Fox
  • Producers: Simon Fox & Graeme Strachan
  • Writer: Simon Fox
  • Camera Operator: Kevin Holmes
  • Sound Tech: Sean Willis
  • Make Up: Alex Adair
  • Beki: Jess Butler
  • Chloe: Jamie Melrose
  • Ginge: Simon Fox
  • Skull: Graeme Strachan
  • Tails: Felicity Allen


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