Misadventure in Time

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Misadventure in Time – “Forty years wasted in forty seconds…”

Misadventure in Time was created by myself, Lee Daniels. I’m an independent London Animator, Illustrator & VFX artist. This film is part of a collection of animated shorts I produced for my LeeDanielsART channel as an experiment in super short-form comedy animation. This and my other shorts in the collection are designed in a mixed 2D/3D process using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop.

The intention of the shorts is to experiment with different ways of creating fast and efficient short-form animated comedy in a unique style, with a single person covering all aspects of production. I have also created a range of extensive tutorials into my creative processes, all of which I share with the community on my LeeDanielsART Channel. I hope you enjoy the film!


  • Creator: Lee Daniels


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