Moonbeams, Death Dreams


Opportunities come to those that make them. Al Klinger. The American Dream achieved.
Poor boy climbs the ladder of success. Al never tripped over any of the bodies he laid there.

Achievement, which leads to the great wife, kid, house, business. All used to hide the violence, money laundering, designer drugs, and murder.
Is all this enough?

Al needs a little more excitement. Momma created an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for murder. Family man by day, Mafia don by night… psychopathic killer on the full moon. A killer who patterns himself after a great predator. The Wolf.

Why a wolf? For Al it’s a symbol of rage, power, and torture. The embodiment of the wolf in man is the werewolf. Wolf and man in one body. How much more fun could it be to pattern your mayhem after a werewolf?

As long as nothing else is watching….

About the book:
This graphic novel started out as a pitch to Troma over ten years ago. From a pitch, it evolved into a short story and then morphed into a screen play which gave birth to the graphic novel. The book is in black and white in the film noir style. Key panels have been colored red to enhance the atmosphere.



  • Writer: David J. Heyer
  • Editors: David J. Heyer & Cherie Hinson
  • Art: Lou Manna
  • Cover: David J. Heyer & Lou Manna
  • Colored Panels: David J. Heyer
  • Lettering: Jaymes Reed


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