My Gimpy Life

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MY GIMPY LIFE is the award-winning online comedy series about the awkward adventures of a driven actress (TEAL SHERER) trying to navigate Hollywood in a wheelchair. Loosely based on her real life as an actress with disability, the series follows Teal as she attempts to overcome everyday obstacles in the entertainment industry, like stairs…

MY GIMPY LIFE has been credited for “…telling new stories and expanding subject matter” (NY Times 2013) and has been incorporated into college curriculums at Xavier University and the University of Arizona. The show also won the 2012 International Academy for Web Television Awards for Best Female Performance in a Comedy (TEAL SHERER), Best Directing for a Comedy (SEAN BECKER), and was nominated for Best Comedy Series and Best Writing for a Comedy (GABE UHR). Series is produced by Teal Sherer and Gabe Uhr for Rolling Person Productions with Executive Producers Steven Dengler (DRACOGEN) and Russell Winkelaar (WINKELAARTS).



  • Creator: Teal Sherer
  • Writer: Gabe Uhr
  • Director: Sean Becker
  • Executive Producers: Steven Dengler and Russel Winkelaar


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